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On behalf of the Northeast Ohio Teacher Education consortium, we invite you to participate in the annual Northeast Ohio Teacher Education Day (NOTED) on April 13th or April 14th, 2021, from 2pm to 5pm virtually through Handshake. Employers are able to register for only one of the days, and each day will be capped at 60 employers. You will have the opportunity to meet over 500 teacher candidates representing many licensure and certification areas from 12 accredited colleges and universities in one convenient setting – for free! 

At our fair, you’ll be able to engage with students in a variety of formats, including:

  • Video, audio, and chat communication with students
  • Up to twelve 30-minute Group Video Sessions with Students 
  • 1:1 10-minute video meetings scheduled in advance or after a group session

To register for the virtual NOTED Fair:

  1. Create a Handshake account if you don’t currently have one. Click here and choose Employers at the top of the screen to create an Employer account. 
  2. Once you have an account, you must request to connect to Youngstown State University, as they are the Handshake host for NOTED 2021. Someone from YSU staff will review your request, and you will receive an email from Handshake indicating that your request to connect was approved. For more information on how to connect with YSU, please click here.
  3. Register for the NOTED fair; please note that you are only able to register for April 13th OR April 14th. You can click here to find the NOTED Fair registration for April 13th – click here to find the NOTED Fair registration for April 14thClick here for more information on how to register for a virtual fair and create a schedule. Please note: the fair is free; when completing your registration, you must choose Manual Payment, but you will not be charged.

Note: During registration, you’ll be asked to share the number of representatives who plan to attend the fair. Each representative you register will be able to create their own unique schedule to engage with students during the fair. Schedules MUST BE created and claimed by each team member before students can sign up to meet with you. Each representative will need to have their own Handshake profile. To learn more about these features, check out this virtual fair training webinar recordingPlease note that all of your representatives attending the fair will need to have their schedule finalized in Handshake no later than March 31st.

Please contact Bethani Burkhart at 330-569-5132 or if you have any questions about NOTED, and Anna Ruscitti at if you have any questions regarding how to register through Handshake. We look forward to seeing you virtually in April 2021!